Roy Maloy - Artist

Long regarded as Australia’s Circus King (Fairfax) Roy Maloy presently holds six world records in extreme circus. Amongst his achievements Roy has pioneered a genre of extreme circus that has given rise to a uniquely Australian breed of entertainment that reflects the historically significant Australian performances of the colonial agricultural show grounds. For more information on Roy Maloy's visit his web site:

Non-Blended Impressionism

When first asked to display a collection of portraits as an exhibition at the Block Arcade in Melbourne in January 2012, Roy assembled an impressive display of 14 pictures. The exhibition was unveiled for public display and was seen by a staggering 60,000 people within the month. The success of the exhibition was credited to the unique style in which Roy paints, and has captured the imagination of a wide audience. Without blending one colour into another through a hue of shades, Roy's technique of not blending each colour segment whilst still creating the illusion of shade and depth cuts new ground in the world of art. As a form of impressionism, creating a picture that is discernibly a representation of a known subject, the style now credited to Roy Maloy as its pioneer is known as 'non-blended impressionism.

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